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[ Yada Piping System-WGC Conference ]
From June 1st to 5th, 2015, Yada, as the only Chinese representative among hundreds of enterprises participated for piping system manufacturing, sent the strongest team for WGC Conference that is held once in three years.
 ““WGC”World Gas Conference is the top and largest conference for natural gas that appeals to more than 5000 experts and leading enterprises around the globe, and shows to the world new policies, strategies, technology, opportunities and challenges.
Yada products have been highly recognized by clients from Asia, Europe, Middle East, America, and South Africa, and aroused interests for EPC and owners of oil gas terminal.

        In recent years, as the transformation of energy development mode and increase for demands of environmental protection, global demands for natural gas is increasing, so liquefied natural gas, with the advantages for storage and transportation, will see a prosperous future. In the white paper of China’s Energy Situation and Policy and the 12th Five-Year Plan, there was specifically pointed out that natural gas storage system should be strengthened, and the development in natural gas will promote that of oil.
        Under such revolution in global energy structure, Yada’s participation in WGC becomes a must:
Yada products have been used for gas projects including LNG ship, LNG receiving station, LPG ship, and LEG tank. Yada has made many firsts of exploitation, transformation, storage, transportation in oil-gas industrial chain.

We will uphold the concept of “Grow up into a great enterprise and set up a global brand” to make innovations and progress, and make profits of clients, staff, and Yada all realized.