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[ New beginning, new breakthrough ]

Figure 1-1 LNG package

Figure 1-2 Nitrogen package

As the horn of “Made in China 2025” going off, before the Seventieth Anniversary for Victory of Anti-Japanese War on September 3rd, 2015, Yada had its big “military parade” since its foundation-completion test of LNG & nitrogen package LR(LIoyd’s Register of Shipping) for Wartsila! !

Figure 2-1 On-site inspection  
Rating plate for LR package after recognition
Despite that Yada had cooperated with Wartsila for a long time in pipeline components, precasting products, etc, this project, for the first time, was carried out in China, and clients have strict requirements for products quality and lead time that even Korean suppliers dare not step forward. The project number is H2733&H2734, including two sets of design and manufacturing work for LNG and nitrogen package.

Figure 3-1 LNG package

Figure 3-2 Nitrogen package
H2733 project for nitrogen & LNG package were checked qualified by LR and handed over to Wartsila at the end of Augest. LR number is SHI1521098/1, quality and lead time were highly accepted by Wartsila. Meanwhile, two sets of packages in H2734 project of the same kind will be successfully handed over, LR number is SHI1521098/2.

Figure 4-1 Pictures for the field manufacturing of H2734 package
Based on previous good cooperation, on September 1st, 2015, Wartsila and Yada then set cooperation on the project of 174000 cubic meters thin film LNG ship packages in Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding Co., Ltd, the project number is H1663A/H1664A/H1665A/H1666A, classified into ABS.

LNG package in Hudong-Zhonghua Project

Nitrogen package in Hudong-Zhonghua Project
If it is the new start for Yada that is professional for stainless steel pipe manufacturing to make packages, then the cooperation with Wartsila on LNG package and high praise from Wartsila is definitely a new breakthrough for Yada.
These all due to joint efforts made by Yada members with the desire of “Grow up into a great enterprise and set up a global brand”, and trust and support from clients. Here is the beginning of Yada blueprint, a turning point from “manufacturing” to “intelligent manufacturing”, and a leap for Yada in its development.
Yada members firmly believe that we will make a better future via joint efforts!